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Custom Curtains

At Nucleus Upholstery & Restoration Northcote Melbourne our aim is to provide our clients with superior service at an affordable price. We specialise in sound deterring curtains and custom made curtains for the domestic and commercial market.

We can use heavy duty brushed alloy and powder coated rails and nylon bearing runners. We can install large theatrical style German made rails and runners for that heavy duty job or a light twin rail system for a light application in your home.

If you are after a twin rail curtain system with a block out up front and a sheer fabric curtain behind then we can fabricate such a system. With the rising electricity and gas prices, curtains are a great way to insulate – let in the warm sun during winter and block out the stifling heat in summer. You’ll be helping the environment, and transforming your room with welcoming textures.

We have fabricated curtains for the Melbourne Cricket Club Museum at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and we can also look after your project.

Custom Curtain Projects:

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