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Custom Cushions

We specialise in fabricating custom made cushions for any application. Whether you are after a double XL cushion for your cafe or an Architect or Designer has specified the size and shape –  we can deliver.

Here at Nucleus Designs and Upholstery use Dunlop furniture grade foam, and we recommend Dunlop Enduro for high traffic, including commercial settings for long lasting applications. We can cut any shape and size profile from a template or CAD drawing and the choice of foam density is large.

There are many choices when it comes to cushion comfort – from foam to feather and even a feather / foam combination. Speak to Rohan about your requirements.

  • Single density foam block which gives a sharp flat look
  • Single density foam block warped in Dacron to give a rounded softer look
  • Laminated foam high density centre with softer foam on top and bottom for instant comfort
  • Dunlop Luxura cushion which has Enduro core, soft foam lamination, warped in Dacron and finished in stocking
  • Custom made feather foam inserts to any shape and size
  • Custom feather foam insert with foam block in centre which keeps cushion in shape

Please feel free to contact Rohan to assist you with any cushion questions you might have. You can upload any drawings or images via our contact form, provide a brief description, and we will endeavour to find the best solution for your cushion needs.

Custom Cushion Projects:

Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor Cushions

Can be made to any size

Bottle Cushions

Bottle Cushions

These cushions were made for James Hardy