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Custom Vespa & Bike Seats

Nucleus Designs & upholstery Fitzroy Melbourne offer a motorbike seat re upholstery service. We also offer a foam seat re building service that includes lowering the foam on Vespa and motorbike seats.

Nucleus Designs & upholstery Fitzroy Melbourne can lower Vespa motorbike seats by up to 1 inch without compromising the seats longevity and comfort.

Road bikes and trail blazers are all different so I would need to eye ball the seat to work out the dynamics.

The most popular choice is Vinyl for covering Vespa Motorbike seats and the colour pallet is vast.

If you would like a quote on re upholstery of your Vespa motorbike seat then feel free to pop me through a photo and I can provide you with a quote via email.

Custom Vespa & Bike Seat Projects:

Gallery Coming Soon!