Meet Rohan

About Nucleus

Nucleus Upholstery & Restoration is a bit of a dream for me. I get to take my best friend Anoushka (my 11 year old Newfoundland) to work everyday and do what I love doing.

The Beginning

I was one of those weird kids who used to pull all my toys apart to see how they worked…didn’t make mum very happy but made me more and more interested in the functionality of everything.

I spent my early twenties doing just about everything from making cheesecakes to delivering the post, until I started to get into cabinet making and carpentry. It was then I rediscovered my love of functionality, building things with my hands and design.

Nucleus Upholstery

I started my apprenticeship in cabinet making but moved over to upholstery in 2000. I was in love with the trade and went to work as an apprentice for Woodward’s Upholstery in Canberra. It was a 4 year apprenticeship but being an over achiever I completed it in 3!

During the apprenticeship I soaked up every bit of knowledge around me and worked closely with a motor trimmer and seamstress who taught me different methods and skills that I still use today.

In 2006, I packed up the car and Benson (who was my 10 year old rescued Golden retriever and Rotti cross) to follow my dream of living in Melbourne. So here I am with Anoushka, my chosen profession and all the enthusiasm in the world to run a successful upholstery & restoration business while continuing to enjoy life.

These days Cameron has joined the team with both of us highly enjoying the work plus Nucleus is continuing to use the best products we can find and offer a service that is hard to find these days.