Same Day

Gym Upholstery

We offer same day Gym servicing within the Melbourne area. We’ve spent over 12 years researching and trialling different vinyl materials to ensure a superior quality, and we still remain competitive on price.

I get it… Gym equipment needs to look its best and it needs to be functioning all the time, which is why we offer same day Gym servicing to all of the Melbourne area.

In order to complete the same day Gym upholstery I’ll come out early in the morning, pick up the equipment, and re upholster your Gym pieces ready for the evening pumping session.

We fabricate new backboards from 18mm ply instead of the chipboard that is commonly used and comes in broken.

The foam we use is Dunlop high density crumbed c120 quality foam.

When we service gym equipment we:

  • Cut and replace back boards
  • Replace foam with Dunlop HD crumbed foam (offers more density)
  • Replace broken T nuts and bolts
  • Make slip covers (to place over equipment for extra vinyl protection)
  • Every item is Topstitched (looks better and lasts longer)

Some of our Happy Customers include: