Welcome to nucleus


I love the environment. It’s great living in a time with so many technological advances, ways to be green, and help the environment. 

Nucleus Upholstery & Restoration Northcote Melbourne is committed to being ECO and incorporating green practices within the workplace. Being a tree lover and a business owner, I remain committed to being as green and ECO as possible and if we all do a little we can achieve a great result. We are constantly looking for new ECO advances in running a greener workshop especially with fabrics timber and hardware.

Some of the ECO friendly products and practices we have incorporated include:

  • Lighting: we have installed LED panels through the workshop
  • Vehicle: our Nucleus work van is a VW 2 litre Diesel that is super efficient
  • Adhesives: we use an ECO glue from the states which contains only one solvent
  • Timber: majority of timber used is recycled or ply, no MDF
  • Recycling: all paper and cardboard is recycled
  • We try to use leather as much as possible as it is considered a by product of meat
  • Waste reduction: where possible, foam and materials are ordered to size to reduce waste
  • All fabric off cuts are bagged and given away FREE to anybody

Free Stuff

Free Fabric, Leather and Furniture Foam Offcuts!

Nucleus Designs and Upholstery Northcote Melbourne generates free offcuts of fabric, leather and Dunlop furniture grade foam.

It is my firm belief to not throw anything away that someone else can use – I’d rather give it away for free. As we don’t throw any of our fabric, leather and foam off cuts away we tend to build up a bit of a stash.

Please feel free to contact Rohan on 0408 890 120 during trading hours if you are after any leather, fabric or foam off cuts.

Some of our fabrics are wool Vinyl and modern viscose materials and our leather is usually Italian semi aniline.

We also tend to build up card board rolls which I give back to various fabric suppliers in Melbourne.

We are always open to new ideas to recycle and be kind to the environment – if anyone has any ideas please feel free to contact me.